New Products


  • 2012Started fulfilling the ODM request of perforated gypsum wallboard with standard patterns, ZEST patterns and CHECKER patterns, etc.
  • 2011Successfully developed Innovative seismic suspension ceiling grid certified 10-year patent.
  • 2005The Eliteline Tbar was applied in the project of Taipei 101 commercial offices, the highest skyscraper in Taiwan.
  • Successfully developed the unique 0.5mm dia micro perforation aluminum ceiling tile, it looks like a plain tile but with sound absorptive function.
  • Also successfully finalized the development of acoustic sound absorptive perforated gypsum wallboards, it integrates the function of decoration and noise reduction.
  • 2003Successfully developed and supplied the aesthetic look of suspension ceiling grid, Eliteline Tbar.
  • 1998Started the supply of suspension ceiling grid business by our self-designed and developed rolling forming machine.
  • 1990Long Range Enterprise Co Ltd was established in Taiwan.
  • Started manufacturing European style sound absorptive perforated aluminum ceiling tiles, the first in Asia manufactures this new perforation aluminum tile.

Perforated gypsum wallboards (PGB) are offered in a great diversity of perforated patterns for residential and commercial use creating sophisticated, comfortable and great interior living spaces to meet individual need.

PGB, together with micro perforation aluminum ceiling tiles have been applied in the projects of Taipei 101 skyscraper, museums, hospitals, airports, Taipei MRT, conference rooms, libraries, schools, sporting centers, churches and showing centers, etc.